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        Nanjing High Accurate Marine Equipment Co., Ltd. (NGC Marine for short), a wholly subsidiary of China Transmission, is specialized to manufacture marine propulsion and transmission system package, including...
        company video sales network
        NCP series controllable pitch propeller
        Hub diameter: 390mm~1560mmBlade diameter: 1120mm-6700mm;Maximum transmission power: 17000kW;NGC is an experienced turnkey package supplier and is able to make the optimized design of main engine-propeller-vessel according to different ship type and shaft arrangement so as to incr
        NRP series azimuth thruster (FP/CP)
        Maximum power: 6000HP per single propeller;Fixed pitch and controllable pitch are both available;Supply with Z-drive and L-drive;Spiral bevel gears are machined to Class ISO-IV in house;Design with low rpm, large blade diameter and high efficient nozzle to realize high propulsion
        Other configurations of azimuth thruster
        All components are installed on the deck foundation and are protected with a solid box;NRRP series retractable azimuth thrusters are normally used as auxiliary propulsion systems in ships or in DP system.
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